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Azienda Agricola

The Tarolli farm offers you excellence, a journey of taste among the products that represent the culture of the Garda area and protect its biodiversity and identity. 


We produce and sell extra virgin olive oil made with the fruits of our olive groves, as well as typical wines and other specialties, all to be tasted and strictly from our crops.

And when it's time to leave, take a souvenir of your holiday on Lake Garda with you!

Come and visit our SHOP, where you can learn all the secrets of the products before buying them.


If you can't come and visit us, contact us and we will deliver our products directly to your home.


The oil of Alto Garda, thanks to the favourable Mediterranean microclimate of the area, is the most northerly produced oil in the world.

In our park we grow around 300 plants of the Casanova, Frantoio and Leccino "cultivars". 

Harvested in autumn, the olives are pressed on the same day of the harvest and regorously cold, to keep the organoleptic characteristics unaltered. 

In this way we obtain an oil with a bright green color, with a strong and slightly spicy flavour. 

Did you know that?! EVO oil is an excellent dressing for your dishes, but also a panacea for health, thanks to the wide range of antioxidant polyphenols, vitamin D and oleic acid.

Check out the organoleptic analysis of our oil:



Monocultivar oil is produced from a single type of olive. 

In our farm we produce two monocultivar oils using olives from the "Casaliva" cultivar and olives from the "Leccino" cultivar.



Garlic, chilli pepper and rosemary are ideal aromas to characterize extra virgin olive oil and make it perfect for enhancing the flavor of some dishes but also for flavoring a good plate of pasta!


In the days of the harvest we subtract a few boxes of olives from the pressing, to make our delicious cream of olives, mixed with extra virgin olive oil. Try it on bread and croutons!


Collected and scrupulously selected by hand, our whole olives are treated with water and salt to de-bitter them. Ideal to be enjoyed with family or friends during appetizers and appetising aperitifs.



In the vineyards overlooking Lake Garda, in the town of Tenno, we grow grapes which, when pressed, give life to our wines, Merlot and Pinot grigio. 

We are also pleased to present our special Tén, a classic method sparkling wine, whose name recalls the dialect pronunciation of the town in which the farm was born.

With passion transmitted from generation to generation, we make sure that the land, the vine and man meet continuously and decide to collaborate to produce excellent grapes and quality wines together. 


We have created a small space within which you can taste the typical products of Trentino!


In addition to our products, we select and present you the best products from other local farms, to allow you to get to know the Garda Trentino area 100%.


Among these you can find jams, juices, syrups but also honey, other wines, and many other specialties.... come and visit us, even if you are not staying in the agriresort!

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